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Onward & Downward Red Sea Technical Diving Centre

Chill-Tec Diving

Onward & Downward Red Sea Technical Diving Centre

Feedback from CHILL-TEC DIVING guests….


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  2. Andreas Porias

    My brother and I just completed our Advanced Trimix course with Mark. Having previously worked as a recreational OWSI in the dive industry myself, I am careful when it comes to selecting a centre and more importantly an instructor for my personal education. While it has sadly often become too easy to obtain certifications, we should remember that it is not just the one off execution of skills but more importantly the knowledge around minimizing risk that defines us as good and more importantly safe divers. Marks impressive logbook and experience have turned him into nothing short of an encyclopaedia of knowledge which he will proudly share with you as part of the program. At the same time he isn’t the kind of guy stuck on the idea of a “one way” approach and gives you a sense that he wants to learn from you just as much as you have the opportunity to learn from him. To those who simply wish to add another cert to the pile of cards while going through the motions of a course where everything is taken care of, I say reconsider. If on the other hand you are passionate about diving and embrace the sport for what it really is on this level, hours of physical preparation, dive planning and long discussions, then I can only whole heartily recommend Mark as an instructor. These have been a few of the most rewarding days in my diving carer so far which I look back on with real sense of achievement. I can’t wait to start planning my next trip and will most definitely make a point of trying to have Mark around as a mentor. Yes – I now have the cert but the training continues….

  3. Russell KNott

    Just completed another very enjoyable week diving with Chill, been returning now for 11 years, achieved my first 102 metre dive plus 5 others to 90 and 75 metres. Chill is a good friend, but also a very good tec instructor and guide, 100% trust him. Already arranging next years diving.

  4. François Dalbiez

    Once again a fantastic return visit to Chill Tec, I really enjoyed 1 week diving and passing the Tec Trimix Diver course.
    Serious diving and extremely serious fun.

    A special thank you to Chill who kept an eye on me. Chill is professional, trustworthy and also good company !

    I had some fantastic underwater videos and photos with Chill . It was an extremely enjoyable diving course and holiday.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Chill Tec. Can’t wait to come back and have few more -100m dives.

  5. Steve Hinton

    I was already a BSAC Normoxic Trimix Instructor and PADI Tec Deep Instructor when I chose Mark to be the man to train me in Adv Trimix. His gentle approach suited my style, and his way of bouncing questions around in a conversation so that I came to the same conclusions he wanted really helps you to understand the theory of deep diving without resorting to countless hours of videos, books and lectures. Cheers fella.

  6. Lawrence Jeff Johnson

    I’ve been diving with Mark for years, great diver and instructor. The first diver diver I went to 130 m with a, few people I would trust on such dives. He is also great working with young people and he’s even trained my two daughters in recreational diving.

  7. Keith Perry

    Hi Mark, thank you very much for today’s ‘try-dive’ on a twin-set – my first attempt. I appreciated your patience and good humour when I was trying to do the skills. Great fun, really enjoyed it and you are a great Instructor. Looking forward to my next course. Cheers mate Keith Perry

  8. Terence Hamilton

    I’ve taken everything beyond PADI Tec 45 up to full PADI Tec Trimix courses with Chill, as well as teaming with him on some deeper trimix dives. As well as his fantastic knowledge of the TDI and PADI standards, Chill shares his years’ of experience and wealth of knowledge as a deep technical diver himself (CCR and Open Circuit) to each course he teaches or guiding he does. He combines the rigour and professionalism with a tailored approach to each customer. He just happens to be a top bloke, so its not only a challenge and hard work but a good craic too – just as tech diving in the beautiful Red Sea should be. Thanks Chill! Terry Hamilton

  9. Phil Higgins

    Tec Deep Diver qualifying dive passed. Thanks Mark Chilton for your limitless patience, diligence and professionalism. I thoroughly enjoyed my qualifier (even the surprises) and look forward to some more TEC dives in the very near future.

    I can whole heartedly recommend CHILL-TEC to anyone contemplating starting out in TEC. The attention to detail, and safety is second to none. I believe that to have passed the course that I have never worked so hard and participated in such a thoroughly rewarding course before.

    Thanks “Chill” a great course.

    Phil Higgins

  10. Francois DALBIEZ

    I had the pleasure to do my TEC Deep Diver Course with CHILL TEC and I have to say that it was probably the best Course I have ever done.

    Chill is a great professional and he is fully dedicated to his passion. I really enjoyed all the dives and the way Chill was handling the course. I spent many hours in the water and at the office (for the theory), and both were really interesting. If something was not understood correctly, Chill did not hesitate to spend more time to practice and explain things correctly. Thanks to his patience and experience, he made this course really enjoyable.
    The safety was also one of the positive aspects, the equipment provided was in good shape and the course was taught in a safe environment.

    If you are looking for a quality, friendly tec dive centre this is the one to go to! I already planned to go back there next January.

    Once again, thank you and see you soon.

    Francois DALBIEZ “The Frog”

  11. Marko Laakkonen

    Hey Mark!
    Wanted to thank you for the great service you gave me. You helped me when i needed it the most. Can recommend to anyone and already have. If ever there comes a time that you need help whit anything, you only need to ask.

  12. Ben Cook

    Had a fantastic week diving with mark at chill tec… Started off with a couple of Shake down dives in the bay just to get up to speed with skills and to familiarise myself with my kit again…

    After that we was straight off to the straights of tiran to Thomas reef… We jumped and descended to a max depth of 75m enough to go under and through the boulders onto where it opens up and drops another 20 meters… Fantastic first proper dive of the trip…

    The following day we tried to get the back of Jackson but the weather was saying otherwise so we dropped on Gordon again planned depth was to 75m, this has an awesome sandy drop off that levels out at what looked like 100m+… We ascended after about 16 minuets to the top of Gordon where we had a full drift dive floating along the top of the reef witch can only be explained as a giant Over stocked marine fish tank… Awesome!

    Finally we got on the back of Jackson… Still choppy and current humping we descended down to the deck of the Lara where last time we was lucky enough to see 25+ hammerhead sharks and one great hammerhead that looked chrome as the sun caught it even down at 70m… Unfortunately this time we wasn’t so lucky… Probably due to me actually having a camera capable of taking some real pics… We left it as late as we could then set off to meet the boat around the front of the reef… The front is actually my favourite recreational dive site again for the sheer abundance of fish life so any disappointment was soon replaced with the joys of Decompressing on what on the best dive site in the Red Sea :-p

    I’ve been diving with chill for 6 years now and about 4 years ago I went to Dahab and dove the blue hole at 30m… on a good day you can see the light penetrating the arch from beneath you at about 56m alluring you to come deeper… Yes on air you could scrape the top but on a single cylinder even with a 15L on your back if the narcosis doesn’t get you the lack of gas will… This was one thing that prompted me to take my tec course with chill to allowe me to a decent depth to appreciate the blue hole properly…. So with all the kit sorted trimix gas topped up we left sharks bay “chill-tec HQ” and headed off to dahab… An hour and a half and a few check points later we arrived… Skinny super fit free divers were dropping down to 60m, recreational divers paddling above 40m… I knew I was here to see what the blue hole was really about… Kitted up in the water bubble checks done we descend down the blue hole… Not being up to scratch with my camera prevented a video worthy of uploading but just as we left the arch into open water I see Zak “tec support” up at 50m shining his tourch and as we looked up there was a giant stng ray floating down from the shallows and I managed to get a great sillouet of the ray and diver together… Made the dive if I’m honest… In hind sight when I return I would like to dive in the winter when the visibility is better and perhaps spend a few days at different depths… You never know maybe right to the bottom! Thanks to Steve to who came along for the day maybe next time we can get a few more deeper dives in together.
    With 90 od bar of trimix left in my back gas and another day free before going home chill topped my twins up with air and we went for a dive at ras nasrani… this is the second from last dive site before getting to the main reefs in the gulf of Aqaba… The beauty of tec diving is you get to see things most other divers don’t or only at a distance where they can never really appreciate them… This is typically one of them dives at 50 to 60m this is one beautiful dive site giant gorgonian sea fans… The biggest broccoli soft corals in electric blue and some other long wispy white soft corals that look like giant bushes under that water… Being a full drift dive you can just relax and let the current sweep you along looking at the lovely scenery… For a shallow tec dive it doesn’t get much better than this!

    That concludes this trip… Massive thanks to mark at chill tec for all the training, guiding and support over the last 6 years can’t wait to get back and start my rebreather course!!!

    Chill-tec keeping standards high and diving deep…

  13. Gary Smith

    I have been tec diving now for over 12 years cc and open c have done hundreds of tec dives many below 100 meters but still enjoy diving with chill, always relaxed and no fuss no rush,cheers mark top man Gary and the London boys


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