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Onward & Downward Red Sea Technical Diving Centre

Chill-Tec Diving

Onward & Downward Red Sea Technical Diving Centre

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CHILL-TEC DIVING prices are based in Euros and include tax and service charges, please click on the page links to find all costs for daily diving, equipment rental, TDI and PADI TecRec Courses.

If you require accommodation on site at Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village you can either contact them directly on the above link or we can arrange this for you.

If you prefer a different hotel in Sharm el Sheikh then please just ask us for any recommendations.

Transfers are provided free of charge from the airport if you are staying in Sharks Bay and are free of charge from any other hotels in the area when you are with CHILL-TEC DIVING.

Tec Daily

(Per Day Rates)

Guided Technical Dives OC up to 100m

Prices include 12 ltr twin set 

1 – 2 days  – €95.00 per day

3 + days – €90.00 per day

Guided Technical Dives CCR up to 100m

(Per Day Rates)


1 – 2 days – €95.00 per day

3 + days – €90.00 per day

Introduction Dives – Try It Out!

(Full Kit Included)

Open circuit try dive – €60.00

Closed Circuit Try Dive – €85.00


Equipment Hire

Tec Equipment Hire Per Day

Back Gas Regulators (set) €15.00

Dec Gas regulators (Per Reg) €8.00

Wing & Harness €15.00

Uwatec Bottom Timer €10.00

Lift Bag/SMB €5.00

Reel €5.00

Tank Hire Per Day


Ali Twin Set 15ltr €15.00

Ali Twin Set 12ltr €12.00

CCR Tank Hire (set) €10.00

Deco Cylinder 10/12 ltr €5.00

Pony Cylinder 3ltr €3.00

Gas Fills Per Fill/Top Off

Oxygen & Air Fills CCR €6.00

EANX <40% €6.00

EANX 40-80% €9.00

EANX >80% €13.00

Helium Per Ltr €0.07

Sofnolime Per KG €12.00




TDI Courses

Advanced Nitrox – €350

Decompression Procedures – €400

Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures – €550

Extended Range €650

Entry Trimix €800

Advanced Trimix €950


PADI TecRec Courses

Technical Courses Open Circuit

Discover Tec €115

Tec 40 €400

Tec 45 €400

Tec 50 €545

Tec Deep €1245

Tec 45 Speciality TMX €240

Tec 50 Speciality TMX €270

Tec Trimix 65  €900

Tec Trimix Upgrade €950

Tec Trimix €1400



*All courses include full technical equipment but DO NOT include certification fees or student materials.

*All Tec Trimix courses are based on twin 12 ltrs, maximum 200 Bar.